(Photos by Alexander Kenney, Royal Opera Stockholm)


Classicalify was lucky to get a ticket for La Fanciulla del West at Royal Opera, Stockholm. This is maybe not Puccini’s best opera, but it is sure interesting. And it’s demanding. The role of Minnie is described as Puccini’s Brünnhilde. So what can you ask for, when one of the best Brünnhildes in the world now debut as the lovestruck Polka-bar owner Minnie?


Together with the worldfamous director Christoph Loy, Stemme makes a very touching Minnie, who at last gets her first kiss. The kiss is given by the bad guy Ramerrez, aka Dick Johnson, sung by Aleksandrs Antonenko. Or is maybe the sheriff Jack Rance the bad guy? Well, the sheriff does not kiss Minnie.


The production is fun and witty, very good casted and nice to see and listen too. Classicalify though found it a little boring, workwise… there is simply too much Butterfly and stuff in the music.


So the advice is to go and see it when you can, and get a chance to hear one of the best dramatic sopranos worldwide shooting and shouting at her cowboy boyfriends… Of course they are all in love with her, or see her as a mother…




Performances run to January 31.


Classicalify: Cowboy girl Nina Stemme in Stockholm.


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