B’Rock debuts in de Munt/la Monnaie

B’Rock debuts in de Munt/la Monnaie

B’Rock in the press
Following our debut on the Telemann Festtage in Magdeburg (With timpani and trumpets!), B’Rock was reviewed positively in the international press:
‘What a closing concert! Consistently stylish, elegant and with a unique peculiar sound (…) Rodolfo Richter played Telemann’s atmospheric music with a well balanced temperament and intelligent wit.’VOLKSSTIMME 20.03.2012

‘Watching an orchestra like this perform, one realizes that a conductor with a baton would be completely obsolete. Richter led his colleagues as first violinist, with precise bowings, subtlety and an eye for detail.’DAG OG TID 30.03.2012

B’Rock debuts in de Munt/la Monnaie

This week baroque orchestra B’Rock, led by René Jacobs, debuts in de Munt/la Monnaie. In the ‘Operahouse of the Year’, they are invited for ‘Orlando‘ of G.F. Haendel. The use of period instruments conducted by the great Haendel expert and baroque specialist René Jacobs goes hand in hand with the contemporary interpretation of stage director Pierre Audi.
Handel wrote this ‘opera seria in tre atti’ for only five soloists when he was at the height of his opera career. The libretto tells the story of Orlando (Bejun Mehta), who is desperately in love with the pagan princess Angelica (Sophie Karthäuser), who is in turn in love with an African prince; in this hopeless situation Orlando is driven to madness from which only the magician Zoroastro (Konstantin Wollf) can save him.

World première on the 19th of April in de Munt/la Monnaie in Brussels.
Performances until the 11th of May. More info…

Orlando in audio and video…
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*Radio broadcasting: on Klara (28/04) and Musiq’3 (13/05)
*Video broadcasting: on Mezzo HD (26/04, 19:00)
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More Orlando in the Munt…
Check out the side programs of the Munt, related to Orlando:
*A NIGHT AT THE OPERA: special ticket formula for young people under the age of 30.
*INSIDE THE MUSIC: Meeting with René Jacobs, who gives some insight into the scores.
*A STAGE WITH A VIEW: Lecture by the Pakistan/British writer Tariq Ali about the ‘Orlando’ figure.

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